BIO-HACKED BCR™ The Evolution of Fermentation

Bio-Hacked BCR™ Fermentation is a new and unique processing technology that creates plant derived active ingredients that are supportive to the environment of our skin microbiome.  Our proprietary fermentation yields a POSTBIOTIC broth brimming with micronutrients designed to support the skin’s microbiome. The use of friendly probiotics – Lactobacillus plantarum and Saccharomyces boulardi – to ferment superfoods is a clean and sustainable methodology for obtaining unique ingredients for use in personal care.


BIO-HACKED BCR™ Intelligent Postbiotic Cosmetic Ingredients

  • Royal Tea IQ: Antioxidant Powerhouse Enhances Skin Protection Against UV & Blue Light
  • DermaGuard IQ: Protection Against Environmental Pollutants with Enhanced Skin Barrier Protection
  • DermaForce IQ: Supercharge Skin with Energy and Radiance
  • ElastiFlex IQ: Skin Elasticity Primer
  • DermaSpring IQ: Age Defying Youth Invigorator

Intelligent Postbiotic Extracts

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