BIO-HACKED BCR™ The Evolution of Fermentation

Bio-Hacked BCR™ Fermentation technology creates plant derived active ingredients that are supportive to the environment of our skin microbiome.  Our proprietary fermentation combines probiotics with exotic, trending, and ancient prebiotic superfoods.  Key bio-active compounds are “hacked” to generate unique biome-friendly POSTBIOTIC actives that deliver a variety of skin benefits.

BIO-HACKED BCR™ Intelligent Postbiotic Cosmetic Ingredients

  • Royal Tea IQ: Antioxidant Powerhouse Enhances Skin Protection Against UV & Blue Light
  • DermaGuard IQ: Protection Against Environmental Pollutants with Enhanced Skin Barrier Protection
  • DermaForce IQ: Supercharge Skin with Energy and Radiance
  • ElastiFlex IQ: Skin Elasticity Primer
  • DermaSpring IQ: Age Defying Youth Invigorator

Intelligent Postbiotic Extracts

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