Bio-Hacked BCR™ Technology
The Evolution of Fermentation

Bio-Hacked BCR™ is a proprietary fermentation technology combining biome-friendly probiotics, Lactobacillus plantarum and Saccharomyces boulardi, with prebiotic superfoods.  The process yields a POSTBIOTIC broth brimming with micronutrients that are supportive to the environment of the skin microbiome.  It is a clean and sustainable methodology that extracts a full spectrum of plant derived actives with enhanced bioavailability to boost efficacy and accelerate the onset of benefits to the skin.


Intelligent Postbiotics!

Bio-Hacked BCR™ Intelligent Postbiotic Cosmetic Ingredients

  • Royal Tea IQ: Protection Against UV & Blue Light; 24hr Antioxidant Protection
  • DermaSpring IQ: Multi-Target Anti-Aging Solution for All Skin Types
  • GentleGuard IQ: Enhanced Skin Barrier Protection Against Environmental Pollutants
  • DermaForce IQ: Supercharge Skin with Energy and Radiance
  • ElastiFlex IQ: Skin Elasticity Primer

Intelligent Postbiotic Extracts