Water & Cucumis Melo (Kiwano Melon) Fruit Extract & Lepidium Meyenii (Maca) Root Extract & Camellia Sinensis (Purple Tea) Leaf Extract & Lactobacillus Ferment Lysate & Saccharomyces Lysate

The Story:

DermaForce IQ provides a trifecta of bio components to supercharge skin with energy and radiance.  There are several mechanisms that trigger natural skin aging, and substantial evidence showing that skin aging is associated with damage from free radicals.  A major role of the mitochondria is to produce cellular energy (ATP); thus, it is a target of oxidative stress.  The function of DermaForce IQ is to interfere with the vicious cycle of mitochondrial dysfunction, to boost antioxidant defense, and to provide the skin with essential nutrients to keep skin energized.

BIO-HACKED BCR™ The Evolution of Fermentation


Bio-Hacked BCR™ is a proprietary fermentation technology combining biome-friendly probiotics, Lactobacillus plantarum and Saccharomyces boulardi, with prebiotic superfoods.  The process yields a POSTBIOTIC broth brimming with micronutrients that are supportive to the environment of the skin microbiome.  It is a clean and sustainable methodology that extracts a full spectrum of plant derived actives with enhanced bioavailability to boost efficacy and accelerate the onset of benefits to the skin.



The Bio-Hacked fermentation of the DermaForce trifecta of Maca, Purple Tea and Kiwano Melon, produces bio-functional actives that work to minimize oxidative stress on the mitochondria and maximize mitochondrial function, allowing skin to be re-energized and radiant.

Cosmetic Benefits:

  • Energizes Skin
  • Improves Radiance
  • Evens Complexion
  • Youth Regenerator
  • Boosts Antioxidant Defense

Responsibly Sourced Ingredients * Clean + Sustainable Process


The Prebiotics: The Foundation of DermaForce IQ

Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is native to South America and is grown at high elevations in the Andes Mountains of Peru.  It is an adaptogen plant extract rich in proteins, essential amino acids, polyphenols and minerals.  Studies show the protective effect of maca extract on the ultrastructures of mitochondria through increased levels of endogenous (adaptive) antioxidants SOD (superoxide dismutase) and GSH (glutathione peroxidase), the main enzymatic defense system in preventing depolarization or dysfunction.  Increased levels of SOD and GSH prevent a disruption of cellular energy, enhancing mitochondrial function and boosting energy.  Additionally, the essential amino acids and minerals found in maca may help to restore the skin’s ability to regenerate efficiently and effectively, improving radiance and luminosity.

Purple Tea

Purple Tea is a new variety of Camellia Sinensis from Kenya, with red-purple colored leaves that are rich in anthocyanins and naturally abundant in polyphenols. The plant grows at high elevation with increased exposure to UV light. Purple Tea Extract has been shown to have the most potent effect against lipid peroxidation compared to other teas.  Lipid peroxidation occurs when lipids in the cell membrane (including mitochondrial and skin membrane) undergo oxidative degradation, such as exposure to ultraviolet light. Chain reactions from lipid peroxidation may result in increased accumulation of oxidized metabolites that are responsible for skin aging, cell damage, inflammation, and energy depletion.

Kiwano Melon

Kiwano melon (Cucumis Melo) is an exotic, peculiar-looking fruit from the central and southern regions of Africa, and often goes by the name horned melon or African horned cucumber.  The fruit is a source of vitamins (A, C, E), micronutrients and electrolytes, providing the skin enzymatic cofactors that efficiently transform glucose into energy (ATP).

What Can It Do?


  • Suggested use level is 1-5% in skin care, body care, sun care, hair care and color cosmetics
  • Easily formulated into the aqueous phase of emulsions or aqueous systems
  • Transparent and odorless for ease of formulation