Water & Propanediol & Polyglutamic Acid

The Story:

BioWave BCR is a natural, aqueous based, high molecular weight (2600kDa) amino acid polymer specifically designed to enhance skin moisturization. It is a film forming polymer that provides highly efficient thickening and superior texture while enhancing the much sought after moisture binding and retention properties desired in both personal and skin care applications.

Natural Moisturizing Factor:

The Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) consists of amino-acids, mucopolysaccharides, ceramides, glycerin, sodium PCA, urea and other components, which exist in the stratum corneum and play an important role in maintaining moisture in the skin. BioWave BCR has a boosting effect on the NMF and it is a vital component in keeping the NMF at the optimum efficiency level to maintain the sought after healthy, youthful, skin appearance.

Cosmetic Benefits:

  • Excellent Skin Moisturization – 4x better than hyaluronic acid!
  • Increases skin’s Natural Moisturization Factor

Technical Data:

In vitro studies demonstrate the comparison of high and low molecular weight poly ɣ-glutamic acid to hyaluronic acid and the improvement of moisturization. BioWave BCR is 4 times better in retaining moisture on the skin than either hyaluronic acid or low molecular weight poly ɣ-glutamic acid.


  • Suggested use level is 1-5% in skin care, body care, sun care, hair care and color cosmetics
  • Easily formulated into the aqueous phase of emulsions or aqueous systems
  • Silicone-like sensory aesthetics
  • Safety: Non-irritating, Non-sensitizing