Water & Wine Extract (White) & Saccharomyces Lysate Extract

The Story:

Quintessence BCR embodies the symbiosis between the protective power of highly antioxidant wine flavonoids and the life-sustaining ability of yeast bio components, offering itself as the ultimate rejuvenating extract.  Developed to reach the next level of sustainability, going above and beyond green and ethical practices across the supply chain, the starting raw material for Quintessence BCR is the by-product (waste) from the wine fermentation process: the wine lees.  The wine lees used to make Quintessence BCR come from the Murfatlar village near the Black Sea in Romania, which has one of the most suitable natural settings for producing quality wines and has been doing so for thousands of years.  Legend has it that Dionysus, the Greek God of wine, was born near the Black Sea in what is now Murfatlar, Romania. The potent antioxidant properties of Quintessence BCR provide skin benefits such as skin cell protection from nutritional stress, enhanced cellular communication, and promotes skin membrane regeneration and hydration.

BioTransformation does the work so your skin cells don’t have to.

Quintessence BCR is developed with BCR’s unique extraction technology that uses plant derived enzymes to simplify complex botanical actives so they are more easily absorbed by the skin.  Thus, saving the skin energy to be used for cellular communication and self-repair for overall wellness.  Highly effective proprietary enzymes allow for the use of minimal plant material with maximum yield of beneficial nutrients.  As such, BCR’s BioTransformed extracts are sustainable, eco-friendly and cost effective.

Cosmetic Benefits:

  • Powerful Antioxidant Benefits
  • Skin Rejuvenation; Increased Cell Communication
  • Youth Extension; Skin Cell Survival
  • Skin Nutrition
  • Sun Care Enhancement


Responsibly Sourced Ingredients

Clean + Sustainable Process


Technical Data:
Free Radical Scavenging

Quintessence BCR exhibits 50% of free radicals scavenged with a use level of 4.4%.

Mitochondrial Respiration: Cell Survival

When human dermal fibroblasts are deprived of essential nutrients it creates a stressed state, resulting in decreased metabolic activity, followed by apoptosis (programmed cell death).  Testing shows Quintessence BCR significantly increases mitochondrial respiration, which enhances cell metabolic activity.

Gene Expression

Gene expression analysis of Quintessence BCR exhibits upregulation of the genes that promote cell communication, skin regeneration and cell survival mechanisms.


  • Suggested use level is 1-5% in skin care, body care, sun care, hair care and color cosmetics
  • Easily formulated into the aqueous phase of emulsions or aqueous systems
  • Transparent and odorless for ease of formulation