Water & Rhodiola Rosea (Arctic Root) Extract & Eleutherococcus Senticosus (Siberian Ginseng) Root Extract & Rhaponticum Carthamoides (Maral) Root Extract & Inonotus Obliquus (Chaga Mushroom) Extract & Selaginella Lepidophylla (Resurrection Plant) Extract

The Story:

Resurgent Power BCR delivers a dual action approach to attenuate the effects of stress on the skin.  Each day our skin combats a variety of external stressors (UV exposure, pollution, harsh weather) and internal stressors (hormonal imbalance, sleep deprivation, psychological stress, unhealthy diet), all of which cause a stress response, and prolonged stress results in premature aging.  Resurgent Power BCR helps the skin create a protective shield and buffering system against stressors by strengthening barrier function, restoring skin balance, and improving hydration, firmness and even skin tone.  Secondly, it functions as an energy booster by accelerating cell repair mechanisms that lead to mitochondrial stability.  The extra boost of energy can be utilized by cells for epidermal self-repair.


It is comprised of a powerful blend of adaptogenic and survivalist plants that give skin Resurgent Power to boost cell survival and fight the harmful effects of stress.


  • Adaptogenic Plants: Rhodiola, Maral Root, and Siberian Ginseng that live in environments with extremely low nutrition
  • Cryophile: Chaga Mushroom that lives in an environment with extremely cold temperatures
  • Xerophile: Resurrection Plant, which lives in extremely dry, desiccated conditions

BioTransformation does the work so your skin cells don’t have to.

Resurgent Power BCR is developed with BCR’s unique extraction technology that uses plant derived enzymes to simplify complex botanical actives so they are more easily absorbed by the skin.  Thus, saving the skin energy to be used for cellular communication and self-repair for overall wellness.  Highly effective proprietary enzymes allow for the use of minimal plant material with maximum yield of beneficial nutrients.  As such, BCR’s BioTransformed extracts are sustainable, eco-friendly and cost effective.

Cosmetic Benefits:

  • Skin Balance
  • Hydration and Plumping
  • Even Skin Tone
  • Resilience and Energy Boost
  • Skin Firmness


Responsibly Sourced Ingredients

Clean + Sustainable Process


What Can It Do?

Technical Data:
Stress Response Attenuation

Heat Shock Protein (HSP) is induced by stressors such as heat, cold, or UV light.  It is the cell’s own protective mechanism to normalize cell signaling and restore cutaneous homeostasis.  Resurgent Power BCR is shown to activate this natural repair mechanism.  HSP activity doubles in treated cells versus the control.

Gene Expression

Gene expression analysis of Resurgent Power BCR shows upregulation of the genes involved in epidermal junction and wound healing.  The results signal homeostasis balance in the skin through regulation regulation of inflammation, support for immune response and improved intracellular signaling.


  • Suggested use level is 1-5% in skin care, body care, sun care, hair care and color cosmetics
  • Easily formulated into the aqueous phase of emulsions or aqueous systems
  • Transparent and odorless for ease of formulation